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Map of Credit Ratings using R and Google maps' API

This is a repost from the R-bloggers mailing list, with a quick script showing credit rating on a global map.  It displays sovereign credit ratings by S&P, Fitch, Moody's, and Chinese rating firm, Dagong, and demonstrates how easy it's become to create beautiful data visualizations. 

ARIMA Forecast Report Release Schedule

For regular watchers of the ARIMA Sector Forecast report, you'll notice that the release date has changed slightly, and a couple of recent market dates have been omitted.  Apologies.  Since this is a demo report, it's actually being run from a standard laptop on a cron schedule, rather than server-hosted.  While this should show how easy it is to automate reports like this even with simple hardware, it's also been the case that my machine is occasionally not turned on at 5:15pm EST due to a hectic travel schedule.  I can rerun historical reports on request, so please let contact me if there

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