Financial Consulting

Loft Finance
Project: Valuation and arbitrage optimization modeling, project management of web service implementations.  This is ongoing, and a very interesting product that will be detailed in the news section as it evolves.  Loftfi is financial consultancy with offices in Paris and Brussels doing innovative things in Finance 2.0.

Business Strategy

Project: Designed the book cover and created interior graphs for Tempo by Venkatesh Rao. The image on the front is a visualization of the different paces and moments of decision-making processes outlined in this brilliant book.

Real Estate Finance

Resolution Capital Management
Project: Financial modeling, analytics, and technology project management for a Central European real estate asset management firm that revitalizes special-situation properties. Also providing technology consulting services.

Nonprofit Endowment

Community, Alumni & Friends for Van Buren Public Schools
Project management/ Data visualization
Project: Mapping the public information school funding database for the state of Michigan onto an interactive map in order to create a data exploration platform. This lets users explore the disparities in public education funding, drawing attention to CAFf's mission. (You can make a tax-deductible donation to CAFf here.) Click here to explore in full-screen mode.


Design & Analytics
Project: Design and technology infrastructure for Upscaletees. Upscaletees makes designer teeshirts that increase in sale-price by $10 every month to limit their supply.