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Blog: July 2011 | Design and Analytics

Blog: July 2011

Google search UI color changes: good artists copy, great artists steal?

...and great google artists duplicate independently.

Although they surely arrived at it on their own, I do notice a design similarity between google's new search color palette and the one in place at Design and Analytics for several months.  The red links, the dark gray, light gray, and white---there's something to it.  Looks like Design and Analytics will have to move on to something new soon.  (Maybe we should set our logo to primary colors plus green?) 

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Data Auralization - Listening to the Dow

I was pleased to see this posted in the Alumni Notes of my Alma Mater recently---Justin Joque, a Data Librarian at the University of Michigan, put together a Data "Auralization" of the Dow from 1928 to 2011.  He uses tick data to create two audio bands, one with closing price, and one with trade volume.  Here's the Vimeo Link:

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