Geography is Destiny (or totally made up)

...and maps are great.  As I learn mapping software, I've shown the following map to three smart people, who didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, except the sharp cut-off of Antarctica:

Buster Map

Did you catch it?  I look at this, and it's deeply dissonant to my brain.

Game of Pickaxes Book Project from Ribbonfarm

Mr. Tempo himself is working on a new project called Game of Pickaxes.  You can sign up for his early-phase mailing list on the book's pre-launch site.

I designed this early draft of the cover and launch site---well, as well as the final cover to Tempo.  Over the summer, I'll collect and post a series breaking down how I structure the iterations of a cover design process, focusing on metaphor in quantitative designs.  In the meantime, sign up for the mailing list, and read the full announcement at Ribbonfarm (and thanks for the hat tip, Venkat!).

Google search UI color changes: good artists copy, great artists steal?

...and great google artists duplicate independently.

Although they surely arrived at it on their own, I do notice a design similarity between google's new search color palette and the one in place at Design and Analytics for several months.  The red links, the dark gray, light gray, and white---there's something to it.  Looks like Design and Analytics will have to move on to something new soon.  (Maybe we should set our logo to primary colors plus green?) 

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Design and prime numbers

Great article at Design Festival on using prime numbers to make the period of repetitive patterns very large, making tiling less visible:

They call it The Cicada Principle.

It's thorough and accessible.  Using this, they make interesting patterns including curtains, lego warrios, and wood.

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