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Google has "alot" of trouble spell-checking

I encountered a strange bug while using Google Drive today--it suggested auto-correcting "a lot" to "alot."  No google, I did not mean "alot."  I never mean alot, and neither should you.

Can someone fix this immediately?!  I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes---google wants you to type like a texting teenager, #kthanksomglol.

Here's the close-up:

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Weird Data Champion and Google Search

Checking my web analytics, I noticed that Design & Analytics is now in the coveted #4 google hit position for "weird data sets."  That means I'm probably pretty close to getting Nike sponsorship and my face on a Wheaties box in the data olympics category.

Map of Credit Ratings using R and Google maps' API

This is a repost from the R-bloggers mailing list, with a quick script showing credit rating on a global map.  It displays sovereign credit ratings by S&P, Fitch, Moody's, and Chinese rating firm, Dagong, and demonstrates how easy it's become to create beautiful data visualizations. 

Google Correlate: Take Two

I've posted before about Google correlate in Google Correlate for fun and profit. It's a fantastic platform, but I have not yet discovered any practical use cases for it.  This is still the case, but after experimenting with it more, I now have a better idea of what they would need to do (and why they can't do it), to make it more useful.

Google search UI color changes: good artists copy, great artists steal?

...and great google artists duplicate independently.

Although they surely arrived at it on their own, I do notice a design similarity between google's new search color palette and the one in place at Design and Analytics for several months.  The red links, the dark gray, light gray, and white---there's something to it.  Looks like Design and Analytics will have to move on to something new soon.  (Maybe we should set our logo to primary colors plus green?) 

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Google Correlate for fun and profit

...well, if you find the "profit" application, let me know.

Google labs has a new product called Google Correlate.  You can read the product's introductory description here (in comic book form).  The service takes any time-based data series you give it and matches the Google search queries that have the highest correlation with your series, then does you the additional favor of plotting it on a map---very cool.

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