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Notice: ARIMA Sector Report Revisions

Just a minor note for the observant---I'm reprinting and reposting the ARIMA sector reports since March 12.  I was using ggplot2 as my graphics package (in R), which changed the way it formatted dates in a recent upgrade.  Since March, this meant the ARIMA forecast plots had the date format "2012-03-12" rather than simply listing full months by name, such as "March."  Past data was rerun, so everything else is identical, but the format of the date axis has been updated to the original, monthly format for purely aesthetic reasons.

Some Press about European Crowdfunding

Mentioned near the end, Reuters picked up our ECN launch last week:

R/Finance 2012 is this weekend

Gather 'round, R-users, forecasters, algo traders, and financial analysts.  The R in Finance conference is this Friday and Saturday, May 11 & 12, in Chicago.  All your favorite buzzwords, from algo trading, to data scientist, to big data, will be there---with talks given by the top experts in the R landscapeJeff Ryan's pre-conference session on processing full-market data looks particularly solid.

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The European Crowdfunding Network is live

This is a project I'm pleased to have worked on with the Loft Finance team: The European Crowdfunding Network launched last week.  Its mission is to provide the groundwork for founding a European-wide Crowdfunding Association for funding startups and small businesses---using the power of P2P to get new ventures up and running.

The Next Design and Analytics Report Series : US Unemployment Map

I spent the weekend playing with R's mapping capabilties.  For most purposes, I think you can accomplish more writing raw SVG wrapped in a flash interface to allow easy web interactivity like what we did for CAFf.  However, there are some applications for which a good static cloropleth map can be very useful---like when you want quick situational awareness of important numbers that change at slow frequency.  

Following up on the first report series launched, the Arima Sector Forecast Reports, I'm going to add a regular GIS report to provide an at-a-glance view of US unemployment.

Here's a preview:

Ribbonfarm Refactor Camp 2012 at San Francisco Zoo

On the topic of Generativity and Creativity: entrepreneurials doing impulsive, crazy things and their stories making that leap.  Take a look at the full event write-up on Ribbonfarm. I intend to speak there about a design philosophy---and how it impacts my approach to numbers, art, and risk.  The event is fully booked, but I'm sure Venkat will post an excellent summary.

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Map of Credit Ratings using R and Google maps' API

This is a repost from the R-bloggers mailing list, with a quick script showing credit rating on a global map.  It displays sovereign credit ratings by S&P, Fitch, Moody's, and Chinese rating firm, Dagong, and demonstrates how easy it's become to create beautiful data visualizations. 

ARIMA Forecast Report Release Schedule

For regular watchers of the ARIMA Sector Forecast report, you'll notice that the release date has changed slightly, and a couple of recent market dates have been omitted.  Apologies.  Since this is a demo report, it's actually being run from a standard laptop on a cron schedule, rather than server-hosted.  While this should show how easy it is to automate reports like this even with simple hardware, it's also been the case that my machine is occasionally not turned on at 5:15pm EST due to a hectic travel schedule.  I can rerun historical reports on request, so please let contact me if there

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ARIMA sector forecast maintenance

The sector forecasts will be down for maintenance tomorrow, Thursday, December 15.  However, for historical purposes, the Thursday forecast will be posted afterwards on Friday, December 16.

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Analytics on Lending Club social lending by Dataspora

There is a fantastic analysis using the Lending Club datastore to investigate and visualize the marketplace Lending Club blogged over at Dataspora.  As I've mentioned before, I'm intrigued with P2P finance as an emerging industry, and if we're lucky, as an alternative asset class.  As an emerging industry, we're seeing a number of different competitors rapidly enter and exit the industry, and regulations that fit it like a hand-me-down sweater, a little too big, clearly made for the problems of a different industry: the financial older brother they most resemble, but are distinct from.


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